• 100 Challenge: Pale Rider

    100 Challenge: Pale Rider

    Wait… the Grim Reaper doesn’t come, nor is there an apocalypse, nor does Johnny Cash’s “When the Man Comes Around” play (granted, it didn’t come out for like… another 27 years or so). This movie did not deliver whatsoever! Done! Okay, seriously though… I’m not a fan of westerns. “But Nick,” you say, “You’re from Texas!” And I return with […]

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  • Modern Cult Classics: La Haine

    Modern Cult Classics: La Haine

    A couple months ago, I asked which film from 500 Essential Cult Movies I should review. Finally, Mette gets her wish.   I spend a semester abroad in college, and was talked into going to Paris for a couple days. I honestly had little interest in going to Paris, but I’m glad I went – it really is a gorgeous […]

  • Saturday Night Videos For The Week of 7/27/14

    Saturday Night Videos For The Week of 7/27/14

    One more month before summer is over. Better enjoy these dog days of Saturday Night Videos! The Week of July 27th, 2014 Nick’s Clip It’s time for my 100 Challenges. I’ve been waiting a month for this… if only to use this Saturday Night Video. Because you have no IDEA how amazingly fitting this video is in covering both movies, which […]

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  • The Demented Tower: The Movie (Official Teaser Trailer)

    The Demented Tower: The Movie (Official Teaser Trailer)

    During the months leading up to Chicago, I decided I wanted to do a video project that at least involved Jason since we would be in the same place at the same time. The idea of what it would be changed repeatedly, but I eventually settled on something that would be easy to write and make, something I’ve had an […]

  • Joint Review: Nymphomaniac

    Joint Review: Nymphomaniac

    (This Joint is bought to you by Nick and Jason. And it’s over 5000 words long as it covers both volumes of the film. You might want to get some coffee.) Jason: Ahh…Lars von Trier. You and I don’t have the greatest relationship. I’ve only seen two movies from you (and techically you had something to do with the TV […]