• Bin Special:  Rambo: First Blood

    Bin Special: Rambo: First Blood

    Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. So the saying goes, but it’s still nice to notice when society actually does learn from history. I’m talking about the anti-war movement during George W. Bush’s foray into Iraq. The movement was strong and clear and unbowed to the schoolyard “yer either with us or against us / […]

  • Jason Reviews: Torment

    Jason Reviews: Torment

    Whenever I watch a bunch of artsy shit that hurts my brain (Possession, the joint review me and Nick wrote that’s gonna post on Friday) I have to clear my head with a no-brainer horror film. Just something for me to watch and not think about and go “YEAH KILL THEM ALL!! WOO!!!” So I went to my nearest Redbox, […]

  • Nick Reviews: Das Boot (The Director’s Cut)

    Nick Reviews: Das Boot (The Director’s Cut)

    This is a title I’ve known since I was a little kid, though I never really knew what its plot was. Of course, I eventually came to know it was about a submarine during World War II, but even then, that’s about all I knew. I recently found it on Netflix Instant and looked into it. There are apparently three […]

  • The Lair of The Unwanted #86: The Lair LIVE In Chicago

    The Lair of The Unwanted #86: The Lair LIVE In Chicago

    This episode is a bit different than the others. First, this was recorded LIVE at the LAMB Chicago meetup. Second, Nolahn couldn’t make it to Chicago so he had to Skype in. Third, there’s a lot of people in this episode. And fourth, we play a wacky version of The Game of the Unwanted. The Lair of the Unwanted can […]

  • Bargain Bin Review: Cobra

    Bargain Bin Review: Cobra

    I really wanted to love Cobra. I went into this film remembering the cheesetastic trailer from its theatrical release, the testosterone-filled slogan (“Crime is a disease. Meet the cure.”) with Stallone all Terminator’d out. I looked forward to this being as over the top as, well, Over the Top. There is plenty to Cobra that is over the top. Take […]