• 12/12 List #9: Animal House

    12/12 List #9: Animal House

    This is pretty much considered the quintessential college movie. It’s had much influence over many comedies over the years, and it’s considered one of the greatest comedies of all time. But does it hold up to those who haven’t seen it, or is it more a product of its time? The film follows the members of the Delta Fraternity who just […]

  • 100 Challenge: The World According to Garp

    100 Challenge: The World According to Garp

    CHALLENGED BY: JASON   It’s funny how things stay with you. I have a very clear memory – more of a snippet of a memory, really – from my childhood. I’m young, like elementary school young, and we’re downstairs in the family room, gathered around the new VCR. It’s roughly the size of a dresser drawer, and this thingie pops […]

  • Saturday Night Videos for the Week of 8/31/14

    Saturday Night Videos for the Week of 8/31/14

    Last week we were on a serious tip but check it out: Tonight we’re gonna flip and trip and let it all hang out tonight. We’re gonna say what we like. ‘Cause, yo, yo, we wanna know how many people in the flow, would like to just let yourselves go and doowutchyalike? Yeah, well tonight’s your night. Just eat food, […]

  • Jason Reviews: Live and Let Die

    Jason Reviews: Live and Let Die

    Holy fuck, has it really been over 8 months since I watched and reviewed a James Bond film? I knew it’s been awhile but I figured I at least last did Diamonds Are Forever in early 2014. Jesus. Well, anyway, thanks to Nolahn’s pick of Layer Cake, he got me wanting to get this whole Bond thing going again and […]

  • Nick Reviews: Barton Fink

    Nick Reviews: Barton Fink

    Having just reviewed Blood Simple., I wanted to review another Coen film I had yet to see… and the only one easily accessible was Barton Fink. However, I could just not bring myself to build up the excitement or enthusiasm to actually watch it. I sit here literally hours before this review is to go up before finally getting around to the […]