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Funny Farm movie posterChallenged by: Jason


Here’s a secret about Jason: Despite being a controversy magnet, the guy is a sweetheart. He saw that Nick had challenged me with Grave of the Fireflies, a film I understand to be almost are cheery as Schindler’s List, and opted to cut the depression with a comedy.

Poor Jason. I haven’t seen Grave of the Fireflies yet, but I can’t see how it can be any more depressing than the stale fart that is the poorly titled Funny Farm.

In Funny Farm, Andy (Chevy Chase) is a newspaper sportswriter leaving The Big City with his young wife to start a family and write The Great American Novel. Andy drives a pristine ‘50s convertible that no newspaper writer in the history of forever could afford, and has received a hefty advance from a publisher based on nothing. Either Andy is a very big deal or this is movie indulges in Lord of the Rings-level fantasy.

And so, Andy and Elizabeth head out for The Country. Andy is all earnest excitement and bliss (not exactly Chevy Chase’s strong suits) while Elizabeth is supportive but less than enthusiastic. Why does this seem so familiar?

By the end of the opening credits, the movers have gotten lost. Andy and Elizabeth end up spending their first night in their new house sleeping on the floor (and with Elizabeth hiding the last of the fruit from Andy). The movers attempt to cross an ancient covered bridge, which almost collapses on them. Comedy?

I wrote the phrase “comedy?” in my notes repeatedly during this film. Writer’s block, a sheriff who has to take a taxi because he keeps failing his driving test, the phone company installing a pay phone into someone’s private residence, finding a coffin in the garden, getting a bill for the proper burial of said coffin – I swear, these are the jokes. Even the pratfall gags, something that used to be Chevy Chase’s bread and butter, are weak and half-hearted.

At one point, Andy and Elizabeth try to cheer themselves up by getting a dog. The dog promptly runs away. This isn’t any more or less unfunny as the items I listed above – I just called it out to reiterate my longtime belief that dogs are terrible pets.

For the life of me, I don’t know what Funny Farm is supposed to be about. I can tell you that it’s not a fish-out-of-water story or about life on a farm – there’s no “farm” in Funny Farm (no “funny” either). If the film is about the quirks of small-town living, then it’s pretty insulting and depicts no actual small town in this plane of existence. If it’s about professional jealously, it’s a thread that’s followed for 15 minutes and then completely dropped. I guess one could make the argument that it’s about Andy and Elizabeth’s relationship, but that’s only somewhat applicable in the back half of the film, and even then the resolutions are abrupt and completely unearned.

A perfect summary of Funny Farm comes at the halfway point of the film. It’s Andy and Elizabeth’s anniversary, so Andy has rented a romantic cabin for the two of them so… Elizabeth can read his newly finished first draft. Right now. We watch Elizabeth read – gripping! She turns the page, and Andy says, “You’re not laughing. You didn’t find that funny? There are at least three big laughs on that page alone!”

It was like the screenwriter was talking directly to me.

It turns out that Andy’s “action-adventure-comedy heist” just makes Elizabeth cry because it’s so terrible. You can tell that the filmmakers meant for this to be so very funny, but that just makes the scene even more of a tragedy.






Damn, that movie sucks. Am I feeling vengeful, Jason? Find out next month as you prepare for my KAIJU ASSAULT. I challenge you to Godzilla: Final Wars!



6 Comments on 100 Challenge: Funny Farm

  1. Wow… this was an unexpected rating. I’ve not seen the movie, so I really can’t say anything. But you didn’t just dislike the movie… you outright hated it. Lowest rating and all. That’s pretty hardcore.

    • It was unexpected for me, too. But the more the movie went on, the more I felt like I was being punished for something. I can say I did not laugh, smile or even snort once throughout the movie.

  2. Man…I don’t even know what to say. I mean…what? How could you not find the fact they have a freakin’ PAY PHONE in their house funny? Or the fact they have to pay for a dead body THEY found? Or probably the best part: the mailman. I mean, this ISN’T my favorite movie in the world but I like it and watch it every time it comes on. I can’t believe you didn’t find SOMETHING funny in this movie. Plus it’s Chevy Chase! C’mon!!
    Honestly, I’m a bit disappointed but it’s your opinion so whatever.

    • I think any one of those things can be amusing as a story told at a party or over drinks or whatever. But as presented in this film? Not so much.

      Sorry, man. For what it’s worth, there was no joy in giving it the Wiseau.

  3. Wow, I was enjoying this website until I stumbled upon this review. The worst rating ever? Chevy Chase isn’t a comical genius but most of this was funny enough to warrant at least a 2/5 rating. The back story if nothing else, although predictable as it may be I found to be enjoyable. Some people just aren’t meant to live in the country. Anyway I’d be interested in seeing what you would rate Vegas Vacation, a Vacation sequel that didn’t have to be made – scratch that, SHOULDN’T have been made but yet seems to be respected by the masses because of the movies that were made before hand.

    • I never did get to check out Vegas Vacation. Then again, I haven’t watched any of the Vacation movies in a long, long time, and I have a sinking feeling that they haven’t aged well.

      As for this movie… Ugh. I had a hunch my rating would ruffle a few feathers, but I’m not afraid to be the villain now and then. (On a related note, I don’t like puppies and I hate Twizzlers and I like to twirl my moustache when I’m cooking up schemes). Anyway, I hope this doesn’t deter you too much from your Your Face experience.

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