Grammatically Scripted #4

Hello, hello! Come on, guys! We need some players! If we don’t start getting at least 5 players minimum each round, I might end up stopping the game after #5. It’s just not worth keeping up with if only a couple people play. So please spread the word so we can get even more players!

Now, before we get to the winners, let’s re-explain how to play the game. You’ll be given a picture with a famous movie quote, though edited. All you have to do is leave a comment filling in the blanks. Top 3 are awarded points accordingly. 3rd placers get 1 point, 2nd placers get 2 points, and 1st placers get 3 points.

In 3rd Place: “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You failed my Voight-Kampff test. Prepare to die.” – Danny

In 2nd Place: ”Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You made my bed. Prepare to die.” – Mette

And the winner is… 








– Jason Soto! (No, I’m not being biased. Jason also played last time, too, and didn’t even make the leaderboard.)

Current Leaderboard:

Danny – 4

Mette – 4

Steve – 3

Jason – 3

Jay – 2

Vern – 2

So let’s move on to the next one, shall we? Take a crack at it in the comments! You have two weeks!


11 Comments on Grammatically Scripted #4

  1. You’re an asshole, Harry.

  2. You’re a hobo Harry!

  3. You’re a transvestite, Harry!

  4. You’re a loser, Harry.

  5. You’re a woman trapped in a man’s body, Harry.

  6. I must’ve missed the thing that said Jason and I were eligible to compete. Woo ho- oh, Steve took my answer. Dammit.

    “You’re a special little princess, Harry.”

  7. You’re an unkempt scrotum, Harry.

  8. lol, I appreciate all the players! But keep in mind some of you are going beyond what’s allowed. You have to fill in just the missing word. In this example, it’s a noun. So, for instance, saying “You’re a ADJECTIVE ADJECTIVE NOUN, Harry” won’t be accepted, because it’s more than what’s asked for.

  9. You’re a Realdoll™, Harry.

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